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LoraMarie Bernard

Researcher. Author. Journalist.

Lora-Marie Bernard is a national award-winning multimedia journalist, outreach consultant, spokesperson and author. Contact her at LoraMarie@Berloma.com.

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The Business Portfolio

A portfolio of government and corporate communication strategies and work.

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Anthology Texas

A collection of long-form articles and stories from Lora-Marie Bernard about Texas and its people.

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Houston Center - A Vision to Excellence

A hardcover tabletop book written by Lora-Marie Bernard and Frank Staats about the historic development of a prominent part of downtown Houston.

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Arcadia Publishing

The Counterfeit Prince of Old Texas: Swindling Slaver Monroe Edwards by Lora-Marie Bernard | The History Press Books

After Monroe Edwards died in Sing Sing prison in 1847, penny dreadfuls memorialized him as the most celebrated American forger until the turn of the century. With a bizarre biography too complicated for easy history, his critical contributions to Texas settlement, revolution and annexation were inextricably mired in his activities as a slave smuggler and confidence man. Author Lora-Marie Bernard unravels the unbelievable story of one of the most notorious criminal adventurers ever to set foot on the soil of the Lone Star State.

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Protesters clash over their various causes

WASHINGTON – Hours before President Donald J. Trump took office Friday morning, thousands of people made the walk to the Mall lined by protesters who at times protested each other.

At the L’Enfant Plaza metro stop, hundreds were in line watching a long line of protesters hoisting 10-foot signs into the air. They proclaimed the need to seek forgiveness from Jesus, resist homosexuality and stop immigration. A sign that read “Christ has a pressure-cooker for Muslims” incensed another protester.

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A newsite about Texas public affairs operated and founded by Lora-Marie Bernard

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A collection of papers, long-form stories and articles written during courses at Harvard. Includes news, opinion and commentary pieces by Lora-Marie Bernard

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Trump's immigration 'wall' plays strong in Texas – Talk Media News

On the beat coverage of Donald Trump's Austin rally.


Galveston County Legislature Day at the Texas Capitol

Galveston County Legislature Day at the Texas Capit...

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Lower Brazos River Canals (Arcadia 2014)

Communities have spent more than 100 years mastering the mighty Brazos River and its waterways. In the 1800s, Stephen F. Austin chose the Brazos River as the site for the first Texas colony because of its vast water and fertile soil. Within 75 years, a pumping station would herald the way for crop management. A sugar mill that was eventually known as Imperial Sugar spurred community development. In 1903, John Miles Frost Jr. tapped the Brazos to expand the Cane and Rice Belt Irrigation System while Houston newspapers predicted the infrastructure marvel would change the region’s future—and it did. Within a few decades, the Texas agricultural empire caused Louisiana to dub Texas farmers “the sugar and rice aristocracy.” As the dawn of the industrial age began, the Brazos River and its waterways began supplying the Texas Gulf Coast industry.

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Republican National Convention: Police presence helping keep the ...

Coverage of Cleveland's security response to Republican National Convention 2016

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Protesters gather to denounce Trump at RNC – Talk Media News

On the street coverage of Republican National Convention 2016 protests.

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Edible Austin


by Lora-Marie Bernard Opened in 1911 in Galveston, Texas, by San Giacinto Gaido, Gaido's Restaurant was already famous for its impeccably fresh seafood ......

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Texas City benzene levels above state guidelines

From the Texas City Sun, which merged with the Galveston Daily News in 2004.

Edible Austin

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Mar 26, 2008 ... Lora-Marie Bernard is an author and a national award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the Houston Chronicle, the Fort Worth ......