LoraMarie Bernard

LoraMarie Bernard

Researcher. Author. Journalist.

Lora-Marie Bernard is a national award-winning multimedia journalist, outreach consultant, spokesperson and author. Contact her at LoraMarie@Berloma.com.

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The Counterfeit Prince of Old Texas: Swindling Slaver Monroe Edwards by Lora-Marie Bernard | The History Press Books

After Monroe Edwards died in Sing Sing prison in 1847, penny dreadfuls memorialized him as the most celebrated American forger until the turn of the century. With a bizarre biography too complicated for easy history, his critical contributions to Texas settlement, revolution and annexation were inextricably mired in his activities as a slave smuggler and confidence man. Author Lora-Marie Bernard unravels the unbelievable story of one of the most notorious criminal adventurers ever to set foot on the soil of the Lone Star State.