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LoraMarie Bernard

Researcher. Author. Journalist.

Lora-Marie Bernard is a national award-winning multimedia journalist, outreach consultant, spokesperson and author. Contact her at LoraMarie@Berloma.com.

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Protesters clash over their various causes

WASHINGTON – Hours before President Donald J. Trump took office Friday morning, thousands of people made the walk to the Mall lined by protesters who at times protested each other.

At the L’Enfant Plaza metro stop, hundreds were in line watching a long line of protesters hoisting 10-foot signs into the air. They proclaimed the need to seek forgiveness from Jesus, resist homosexuality and stop immigration. A sign that read “Christ has a pressure-cooker for Muslims” incensed another protester.

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Trump's immigration 'wall' plays strong in Texas – Talk Media News

On the beat coverage of Donald Trump's Austin rally.

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Republican National Convention: Police presence helping keep the ...

Coverage of Cleveland's security response to Republican National Convention 2016

Img 1297 article

Protesters gather to denounce Trump at RNC – Talk Media News

On the street coverage of Republican National Convention 2016 protests.